Information about Countryside Access Management and examples of recent work:

Countryside Access Management Ltd. was established in 2006 and since then we have built up a wide client base in both the private and public spheres. Our customers include local authorities, private landowners, property developers and conservation bodies. We work throughout the United Kingdom and represent individual landowners as well as large businesses and local authorities.

Countryside Access Management Ltd. is managed by Paul Hopkins, who has over 30 years experience of public rights of way management. Paul Hopkins has been employed as a public rights of way manager by several local authorities, and has worked as a consultant in partnership with highway authorities, planning authorities, landowners, the legal profession, conservation bodies, recreation organisations and property developers.

The following are samples of recent work that has been undertaken by Countryside Access Management Ltd:

  • The processing of public path orders for the resolution of long standing anomalies and problems for Newport City Council and Newport City Council. Primarily this resulted in the diversion of public rights of way to the mutual benefit of the landowner and the public.
  • The processing of public path orders under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and Highways Act 1980 for Derbyshire Dales District Council and Malvern Hills District Council, North Dorset District Council and West Dorset District Council. These orders were to enable development to take place and to move paths away from farmyards, gardens and houses and to facilitate better use of land.
  • A project to resolve definitive map anomalies for Powys County Council. This chiefly involved negotiating with landowners and others to secure agreement for diversion orders to link cul-de-sac paths with the existing rights of way network to the mutual benefit of the landowner and the public.
  • The processing, on behalf of Fareham Borough Council, of a package of legal changes.to divert and create public paths to provide for development to take place.
  • Negotiations to secure the establishment of new public rights of way which form part of the Wales Coast Path, for Newport City Council and Monmouthshire County Council. This involved negotiations with landowners, conservation bodies and other parties and undertaking extensive consultations to secure the making of public path orders and agreements.
  • A project to improve a series of promoted routes for horseriders for Powys County Council. This involved identifying improvements, liaison with landowners and organising the undertaking of works.
  • The assessment of historical and user evidence accompanying applications for modification orders under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 for Newport City Council and Bridgend County Borough Council.
  • Investigation of the historical background to a number of publicly maintainable highways for The Woodland Trust, liaison with the highway authority and recommendations for the management of motor vehicles.
  • Liaison with landowners, local authorities, conservation bodies and other interests to secure permission for large scale competitive events in national parks for Dark and White Challenge Events.
  • Surveys of paths, improvement proposals, landowner negotiations and contractor management for Powys County Council.
  • Preparation of case material and associated reports for the submission of opposed public path orders to the Secretary of State for determination, on behalf of Powys County Council and Derbyshire Dales District Council. These were for diversion orders to move paths away from farmyards and houses, or to facilitate development for which planning consent had been granted to which objections had been received.

This is a small sample of our work and we would be happy to provide more information on the services we provide.

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