Countryside Access Management Ltd. has an established record of working on behalf of local authorities across the broad spectrum of public rights of way and access management. Our services cover operational, procedural and strategic functions and we work for both highway authorities and planning authorities.

We assist councils where there is a backlog of work, or with a specific case or project. Increasingly authorities are seeking a flexible service and it is often more convenient and less costly to engage the services of our consultancy than to recruit staff, particularly where the work involved is of a temporary nature. Limited resources inherent in local government today impose pressures on officers and we are able to help out with both routine work and contained projects.

The following are key services we provide for local authorities.

  • Public path orders and agreements under the Highways Act 1980 and Town and Country Planning Act 1990: We carry out consultations and draft and process orders on behalf of authorities. We provide a flexible service and can deal with all or part of the order-making process, from receipt of the application through to confirmation of the order. We will arrange, when it is necessary, for the submission of opposed orders to the Planning Inspectorate for determination.
  • Modification Orders and investigation of public rights: We assist surveying authorities with the collection of evidence and its assessment, carry out interviews with claimants, and deal with the processing of modification orders under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
  • Recreational and promoted routes: Countryside Access Management Ltd. works on behalf of authorities to establish, improve and manage recreational routes and trails. We carry out consultations, undertake landowner negotiations, secure public path creation orders and agreements and arrange for practical work to be carried out. We work with contractors who have specialist experience of public rights of way to ensure that paths are to a high standard and accord with legislative requirements and good practice guidance for public access.
  • Rights of way improvements: We carry out condition surveys, use and demand surveys and provide detailed recommendations for improvements to public paths. We liaise with landowners and arrange for specialist rights of way contractors to undertake practical work to an appropriately high standard which meets the requirements of current legislation and good practice guidance.
  • Access land: We deal with legal issues that arise and assist authorities with the management of access land in accordance with the provisions of  the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.
  • Management of motor vehicular use of public rights of way: We work with councils and other parties to seek the mitigation of problems and devise proposals for the management of routes. We also carry out investigations into the legal status of roads and paths.
  • Equestrian and cycling use of public rights of way: We arrange for the improvement of existing paths to provide high standard routes for cyclists and horseriders. We also work with landowners and others to secure the provision of new public bridleways and cycleways, and liaise with user groups on behalf of councils.
  • Rights of way and access plans: We carry out consultations and assist authorities with the formulation and implementation of operational, strategic and procedural plans relating to public rights of way and public access to the countryside
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